Pana Chocolate

package design

Pana Chocolate is a Melbourne based company that creates raw, vegan cakes and chocolates by hand, using only natural and organic ingredients, and they have The Company You Keep as brand partners, who created a fun and fantastic modular packaging system for their retail outlets, and explained to us:

With their products being a wide variety of shapes, sizes, heights and finishes, the modular system uses a flexible insert system to accommodate an extremely wide combination of hand created treats. Those with a sweet tooth can choose any mix and the box inner can rearrange to accommodate and compartmentalise the selection.

The Company You Keep have achieved a visually stunning and flexible solution with a welcome lightheartedness, and at the same time maintaining the premium level that the brand looks to transmit to the public and consumers.

Although the packaging design itself takes centre stage, the photography is also something to behold. Remarkably clean and beautifully minimalist compositions leave us craving more.

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