Hofmann House


Travel slightly north and inland from Valencia, Spain and you will find the picturesque village of Rocafort, where resides the gorgeous modern form of Hofmann House. The house is another spectacularly minimal residence designed by the beloved architecture firm, Fran Silvestre Arquitectos.

The project site is nestled a bit inland from the coast yet close enough to catch a breeze and whiff of salt air; as well as a distant view if the day is clear. The dominating feature of the home is a large T-structure that forms the roof and sits perpendicular to it—an obstructive floating wall that is as functional as it is distinct. Aside from its jarring, contemporary look, the T-shaped structure shields the home from the harsh southern sun and provides a touch of privacy from the neighbouring plot.

Below, another long roof stretches across the structure. Nestled between the glass panes of the ground and upper floors, the floor slab and roof appear to be a singular length of stone. It is a beautifully simple structure, and as a bonus, the roof is fully occupiable, becoming a large upper story terrace when desired. Running parallel to the full length of the home is an infinity swimming pool. Equal parts pool and sculpture, the feature feels as much a part of the architecture as the home itself.

The interior upholds the same design integrity as the exterior: large spans of white tile, minimal fixtures, and modern furnishings comprise the various rooms. In fact, the design of Hofmann House works to eliminate a finite sense of interior and exterior. The similarity of materials, floor to ceiling glass, and plethora of terraces work to blend the user's experience of interior and exterior space. Try to imagine wandering around the home barefoot, feeling the tile floors warmed from the sun, not bothering to close off the windows or doors, and letting the sea breeze waft all around you.

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