During its almost 100 years of existence, Dutch manufacturer Pastoe has made some great furniture design. These minimalist cabinets named Horizontals are obtainable in two height sizes and are suitable for storing such items as CDs and DVDs.

In Horizontals, coloured metal sliding doors are mounted on a warm wooden or aluminium base. The elegantly extended cabinets may be joined to create a clear geometric object invisibly attached to the wall, functioning much like a painting. The sliding doors, which may be opened on both sides, can be used to highlight the horizontal play of lines. The bodies are divided in the middle by a partition.

Horizontals are designed by Japanese Shigeru Uchida who has cooperated with several leading clients, including Issey Miyake and Yohji Yamamoto. Uchida and Pastoe began working together in 1988. Japanese and Dutch design both distinguished themselves through modesty and an eye for detail.

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