Hotel Habita MTY


I hope you are willing to travel with me today and explore a little magic that is hotel Habita MTY. Located in the northern part of Mexico in Monterey and with a view of the Sierra Madre mountains, the hotel is a stunning result of collaborative work by architect Agustin Landa and interior designer Joseph Dirand.

Modern architecture is supported by all black and white interiors and materials such as concrete and dark wood throughout only add another layer of sophisticated luxury. Strong design statements such as the custom mirror wall behind the reception desk or masculine platform beds are all part of the Habita MTY experience. And of course, one cannot forget the Poolbar which includes two infinity pools and hard to ignore views of the city.

I'm always on the lookout for new, modern hotels but many times wonder what will happen to their immediate, flashy image a few years later. Considering Habita MTY was built back in 2008, one can appreciate its smart design choices that are deserving the many design awards it has received.

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