Uzu Vacuum

industrial design

Uzu is an astonishingly beautiful electric vacuum cleaner by the Japanese design brand METAPHYS. Designed to make it very easy to overcome one’s inhibitions against cleaning, Uzu's characteristic and minimalist appearance was inspired by the conception of a vacuum cleaner that can proudly be presented. One movement is enough to get it started: just lift the handle. Uzu is not stored in a cabinet as customary, thus it is always ready to hand and invites you to use it.

It is rechargeable battery operated, so no power cord is there to bother you, it being neatly housed inside its body. Moreover, the hose was carefully integrated as a part of the interior, and all specifications as cyclone, collapsible handle or extensional hose, was thought to be less time-consuming before and after cleaning. Just perfect! It is also very a convenient size (8.5"x23.6"x14") and light enough (10 lbs.) to be carried around easily.

And what are the results of such great product design? 2005 Good Design Award, 2006 Red Dot Design Award and 2006 JIDA Design Museum selected.

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