Revolution Glassware

industrial design

Fferrone’s Revolution Glassware collection is a minimalist’s dream. Defying the traditional expectation of how a beverage is to be consumed, and through examining the core requirements of glassware, this incredibly beautiful collection sees a series of clean, uninterrupted cylinders of borosilicate glass, with one set horizontal dividing glass platform, in varying sizes. Designed as champagne flutes, wine glasses, martini glasses, a large and small bowl, and a cocktail server, this set sees simplicity shown in a whole new light.

Tested to be dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe, the Revolution collection is made in the Czech Republic by master glass blowers. Founder Felicia Fferrone’s background is in architecture, and her time spent in Europe helped guide her into her current multi-disciplinary approach of blurring lines between disciplines of design. The idea that all elements exist with other elements within a space, that they all affect the functionality and interpretation of form, is part of her ethos.

This collection plays on minimalism and mastery of proportion, resulting in incredible and high-quality crafted detailing. Challenging the topography of the table, and how we engage with our everyday objects brought this incredible collection to light. Effortless and graceful, this collection really does tick all the boxes.

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