TD19 Chair


In 2022, the Chinese furniture brand TOWERLAND unveiled the TD19 Chair, a testament to minimalist design and engineering ingenuity. Crafted from two 6mm thick stainless steel plates, this chair epitomises the fusion of functionality and form.

The design process involves bending and seamlessly welding the steel plates. One plate forms the chair's base, legs, armrests, and seat, while the other, narrower plate, bent and welded at the sides and bottom, creates a flexible backrest. This semi-suspended state of the backrest adds a subtle flexibility to the otherwise solid metal structure.

The chair's appearance is strikingly minimalist. Its surface boasts a black matt textured finish, perfectly complementing the black leather cushion. This choice of material and colour enhances the chair's overall personalised and minimalist aesthetic.

TOWERLAND's goal with the TD19 Chair is not just to create a piece of furniture but to craft an item that stands as a sculptural piece in its own right. The TD19 Chair is more than just a seating option; it's a statement piece that engages spatial relationships through its minimal architectural forms, showcasing TOWERLAND's commitment to robust and distinctive design.

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