Lake Cottage


Lake Cottage is a lighthearted home located in Canada. The treehouse inspired dwelling was designed by UUfie. Lake Cottage incorporates natural, modern, and playful elements to create a unique home for a large family.

The two story A-frame structure is covered in charred cedar siding with a black metal roof. One façade, underneath an artful cantilever, is covered in a wall of mirrors; the reflections of the trees bring nature into the home, sending a message that the dwelling and forest are one.

Within the interior, light wood covers most of the walls, floors, and ceilings. I love the softness the wood brings to the cottage. The windows are framed in black steel beams that are reminiscent of tree branches. Light grey shingles are nestled within the lofted ceilings, a playful touch that enhances the treehouse feel. Arched doorways add a touch of nostalgia to the modern floor plan. In the living room, the fireplace takes centre stage. Designed to mirror the home's form, the fireplace is as much an aesthetic feature as a functional one.

By far my favourite feature in Lake Cottage is the staircase. This impressive component is comprised of a tree trunk with raw timber stair treads. The Cottage is a truly lovely home any family would be lucky to live in.

Photography by Naho Kubota.

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