House of Depth


House of Depth in Japan was built by FORM/Kouichi Kimura back in 2007. As in other projects by Kimura such as House of Vision, House of Integration or House of Diffusion, House of Depth is also excellent example of minimalist approach to architecture. It was built on deep lot, 10m wide and 23m deep, with open space and a high wall sheltered from neighboring houses on one side.

Despite its urban, closed appearance, the house has between the exterior and the interior a long approach that can be regarded as the intermediate zone relating to the surrounding environment. The minimalist house provided several areas where the line of sight is uninterrupted. It purposed to enhance visual depth.

With well-balanced use of materials, matte and glossy finishes, and masterly composed volumes, one might find an unusual sense of serenity, shall we even say solitude within the space. Filtering light and low ceiling only add to the quiet, almost intimate atmosphere. Of course, the photography should receive a credit too, highlighting the soft angles and specific architectural gestures. Personally, I would appreciate even more light to filter through and to see signs of real life throughout but overall admire the focused, minimal execution.

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