industrial design

In Minimalism, it’s the little things that count. Which doesn’t mean that it’s all about fancy details one would discover on second glance. Instead, it’s the little things that accompany us every single day. The things that are as mundane and as practical as the box for your lunch and your travel food. If such things are designed well, pure and durable, they are a constant joy lightening up our everyday life.

Monbento boxes are one of the sources of such well designed daily routine delights. The French company specialises in bento boxes. And they do this in the best possible way. My favourites are the Original Box and the Square Box in contained colours, as well as the unbelievably practical as well as cute pocket cutlery to go along with it. No matter if it’s about summery park lunch breaks or train travels in winter, a snack from a Monbento box is not only a gustatory pleasure, but also a visual one.

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