House of Yards


House of Yards is an exceptionally minimalist concrete house designed by Austria-based Marte.Marte Architects and built into a slope, on a site overlooking the Rhine Valley, in western Austria.

Two of its façades are very closed, having a hermetical appearance from the street, meanwhile the other two are much more open with two frameless windows and two breakthroughs, to enjoy the beautiful landscape views, between the Austrian state of Vorarlberg and the Swiss canton of St. Gallen.

Four courtyards were carved out of the concrete volume to bring additional light deep into the house and and give the project its name. In one of these patios a large swimming pool completes an undeniably memorable house.

As we enter the spacious interior distribution, the kitchen, bedroom and living spaces are all on one level in a U-shape, and in the lower floor you'll find the guest rooms, laundry facilities and a wine cellar. Each room features a stunning mix of concrete and natural wood, resulting in a very warm and timeless interior that makes this architectural design such a success.

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