House on Drolet Street


House on Drolet Street is a minimal residence located in Montréal, Canada, designed by Anne Sophie Goneau and Dominique Jacquet.

This beautiful two-storey townhouse of 2,200 square feet proposes a different version of the single-family housing in an urban environment. Maximising privacy, it is folded on itself, even introverted, where everything converges on its centre—a place of tranquillity, intimacy, and security.

It has been designed around a central courtyard, acting as a huge skylight, capturing natural light at any time of the day and spreading it strategically into the adjacent rooms. The white colour, omnipresent, acts as a reflective surface and introduces interesting light effects. The openings are positioned in such a way as to preserve privacy without compromising the entrance of natural light and the view of the external environment.

The general layout is a deployment of blocks in space, made of solid materials that are distinguished by their texture, colour, or materiality. A block of wood is projected vertically on two levels. Carved in the centre, a staircase, a powder room, and a storage space. The staircase space, darker, marks a pause at the passage of the two bright levels. A dark blue block is the central pole of the kitchen area. Deposited directly on the floor, its periphery creates a zone of circulation. Upstairs, a grey block is composed of wardrobes that circumscribe the main bathroom. The furniture chosen is sober and subtle in its colours and materials, all in coherence with the conceptual intentions.

There is an undeniable sense of elegance and calmness within this minimalist house, even though it is situated in an urban environment.

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