Poolhouse C


Located in the Belgian town of Marke, the charismatic Poolhouse C designed by architect Steven Vandenborre breaks conventions from the get go; the traditional front door is nowhere in sight. As the guests walk in, they are welcomed by a beautiful concrete patio with, expectedly, a stylish pool in tow. This opening statement solidifies the intentions for this unique dwelling.

Striking minimalist compositions guarantees a sabbatical tone to the poolhouse in question, since the owners specifically briefed the architect for a getaway feeling in their backyard. The pool and central garden are the main attraction from wherever one may stand. Sharp geometry is addressed in all areas, from the carefully positioned beach chairs to the the outdoor table; all the while maintaining cohesiveness. The project focuses on very few materials and forms, and doing so sheds any trace of an explicit national identity; as this dwelling could be located in the south of Spain, the West Coast of the USA or even be a daring Japanese summer house.

Poolhouse C is a clear example of how minimalism may offer a worldweary experience and put aside the restrictions of local architecture. An undeniable cosmopolitan quality emerges from Belgian architecture, and minimalism is the perfect ally.

Photography by Tim Van de Velde.

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