Plain Cuts


Details can add so much to any object in our lives. It can make it look elegant in the simplest way and it's like a silent language which you cannot hear, but only see. Korean artist and designer Wonmin Park presented his solo exhibition Plain Cuts, at the Carpenters Workshop Gallery in Paris. For this, he exhibited limited edition furniture pieces which all were designed with simple geometric shapes, which created a pattern.

The exhibition was titled Plain Cuts because it epitomises design minimalism, symmetry, and proportion. As Park explains: Simple forms are more difficult to create because you need to remove everything that is not necessary but still make it interesting. Simplicity is always hard to achieve and the idea of less is more perfectly applies in this case.

I love that the minimalist details of the furniture were made from aluminium which fit with and compliment the dark tones so well. The rectangular shapes that create a pattern are simple and produce subtle light touch to each piece. As Park claims: Aluminium has its own beautiful colours. I found that the patina technique can change the colour of aluminium. It is lasting.

Beautiful simplicity in a visual form. Executed superbly.

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