House Tokyo


House Tokyo has been recently completed by Sanpei Junichi of A.L.X. architects (Architect Label Xain). It is located in and inspired by the city of Tokyo, hence the name. One of the main challenges of the project was to work with the very limited piece of land (the plot was only 480 sq ft). Amazingly, the bright minds of A.L.X. managed to fit 675 sq ft of living space into the structure.

The facade of the building dominates the environment with its crisp whiteness and abstract shape. The windows are covered with perforated metal blindfolds, which obscure the view into the house yet allow enough light from the outside. This blindfold feature also makes the building look positively stunning at night.

The white exterior beautifully contrasts with the exposed concrete of the interior. I love how pieces of furniture seem to grow from the walls. The choice of the material is a clever and creative nod to the urban setting the house is surrounded by.

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