T+M House


T+M House is a beautiful minimalist dwelling located in Madrid, designed by Plantea Estudio.

An elegant apartment dominated by a bright and warm environment, with natural light that enhances the materials distinguished by a pale colour palette in shades of pink and natural. The light wooden floor and the romantic tone of the house are perfectly balanced by subtle black elements, such as the bathroom and black kitchen fittings, resulting in a perfect contrast throughout.

T+M House brilliantly brings together warm tones, natural light, and romantic minimalism in a unique example of clean design and interior style.

Plantea is a Madrid-based practice established in 2008, to give continuity and consolidate the casual collaborations held by the team members since 2001. The work of the practice in architecture and interior design is underpinned by a strong conviction in the creative design process, with the independence of the specific use, sector or scale.

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