Inside Instagram: Dylan Cao


Dylan Cao — @dlancao — is originally from Vietnam, but arrived in New York four years ago to pursue a fashion design degree. Currently studying accessory design, Dylan will soon be graduating with the ambition of becoming a footwear designer. Today we gain an insight into Dylan’s creative and superbly captured Instagram collection whilst discovering a little more about the man behind the camera.

What is the inspiration behind your minimalist photo collection?
My collection of photos actually remains as a reflector and a reminder of the consistency in simplicity I would love to achieve in both my design processes and personal life. I do feel that as a designer, my process starts with constructing and adding, which is followed by deconstruction and elimination. By posting Instagram photos every now and then, I feel refreshed in a sense that I am able to absorb and communicate simplicity not only through my body work but also through everyday life. Minimalism does seep through you to eventually form a lifestyle.

How does your surroundings impact your creativity?
I have a very strong reaction to composition and geometry in architecture since I grew up with my father who is an engineer and also an architect. There's an interesting duality though, in terms of what would spark my creativity, the beauty of extreme streamlines vs. intricacy (from tailoring to architecture to machineries). My inspirations spans from 1920s constructivism to 1960s minimalism and 1990s deconstructivism.

When and how do you decide to take a photo?
I have been taking photos since I was 14, with a film camera and carried on until now. I was, at one point, going to pursue photography, too.

What is your favourite quote on minimalism?
”Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” — Albert Einstein

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