Nomes Perfume

package design

To portray, or better yet, to capture a time of one’s life in a pictogram is no easy task. What is normally used as a simplified symbol to express a direction, and when necessary an idea at a glance, it is skilfully realised for Nomes Perfume. In this instance, two perfume bottles not only serve as the exquisite package of a fragrance, but also as a representation of two entirely different reads on two time periods. Such a process was undertaken by Jiyoun Kim Studio as a collaboration project based in Cheongdam, Seoul.

Nomes Perfume showcases charismatic and straightforward narratives through its distinct bottles. The created ideograms represents two values: time and money.

The first fragrance borrows the iconic rascal-like reverse cap as a representation of youth. It is an immediate callback to an energetic and freedom-filled period. The bight purple is such a precise choice in this case, with a tinge of magenta, bringing freshness. What does a youthful child have in spades? Time.

The second fragrance introduces a gentleman type, like a Wall Street banker with a top hat. Once again, the headwear acts as the key representation. A clever choice in both instances. The grey acts as the serious and mature take on the lineup.

This is a minimalist project with plenty of expression with an intelligently written narrative via two nimble images.

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