Vincent Van Duysen
Giustini / Stagetti

The latest exhibition by Vincent Van Duysen for Giustini / Stagetti, titled I.R.O. (Italian Rational Objects), is a testament to the allure of Italian rationalist architecture from the 1920s to the 1940s. The collection is a modern reinterpretation of this era's core aesthetic principles. Van Duysen's approach is rooted in simplification, focusing on essential elements of form and space. This methodology shines in the new series, marked by an intriguing interplay between mass and void.

The designs echo the metallic geometries of Brazilian artist Lygia Clark, subtly introducing an interactive dimension to the pieces. This aspect highlights the significance of the viewer's interaction with both the space and the object, a key concern in Van Duysen's work. The collection is diverse, including items such as a console, a low table, a dining table, a bookshelf, a side table, and a wall lamp. Crafted from aluminium sheets, these pieces are shaped into crisp, clean forms that epitomise precision and clarity.

Despite their robust construction, there's an inherent lightness to these items, amplified by their satin finish. This exhibition not only celebrates a historical architectural style but also transforms it into tangible, contemporary design objects. I.R.O. is a striking example of how historical influences can be distilled into modern, functional art.

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