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Self-taught metal-smith Stefani Stoyanof has paired her fusion of the love of the traditional and a consideration of the contemporary, with her beautifully minimal jewellery label Swim to the Moon. Navigating a mass-produced industry, and staying true to her methods and ethos of craft, she works and produces her pieces by hand, between her Texas and Athens’ studios combined. Her nod to the devices and methods of her ancestors, together with an overt purpose of using ethical and sustainable studio practices, make her work one of deliberate esteem. Casting from wax, hand carving and setting in metal and eco-resin, each piece has its own unique and matchless nuances. Much inline with the Japanese ‘wabi sabi’ philosophy (of celebrating imperfections), Stoyanof believes in these imperfections being points of celebration and difference.

In order to focus on honing said methods and to continue to develop the depth of her practice, almost in contrast to this nostalgic attachment to tradition, a vehicle from which to showcase her work needed to reflect her considered approach. Utilising Squarespace—all-in-one website building platform that helps people with creative ideas succeed— and in particular the ‘Brine’ template, meant that the ease of communicating and connecting to her community was made that much more accessible. The original design of the template allowed for her to customise enough elements to individualise how her brand was communicated. Heavily image rich, and ease of navigation were both key features that attracted the brand alignments, while also allowing for an ease of use and access to a professional interaction between designer/maker and buyer.

Founded in 2015, the clean lines of the Swim to the Moon brand, the emphasis on these subtle hand-made details, and the way in which the delicateness of the customised Squarespace template work in harmony, is one of designed purpose. Working together, almost effortlessly, to allow for the makers and designers to hone their skills and continue to develop such individual pieces, the support of a technical backbone is paramount. Being able to make design and content updates, and offering a clear means of communication between front and back-end, allows Stefani for more time in the studio, perfecting her craft.

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