Mahabis Outdoor Slipper


The slipper; an age-old accessory that accounts for a small everyday experience, but one that should not be overlooked. Fashion brand Mahabis set out to reinvent this product for the 21st Century, redesigning it from the ground up. Fusing Scandinavian minimalism with cultural influences from across the globe, Mahabis have designed modern, unisex slippers. When you wear them you’ll be guaranteed to experience something timeless. The brand’s signature detail is a detachable and interchangeable outdoor sole, which flicks on/clips down in seconds, helping you complete your everyday adventures with ease.

The brand’s latest design—the outdoor slipper—features a TPU performance-grade fixed sole with multi-surface grip, including a technically woven upper that takes effortless to the next level. The sleek design carries a superb combination of lightweight comfort and practicality, and comprises a sculpted foam insock and 100% wool lining, making these slippers incredibly comfortable wherever you wear them.

Available exclusively online, Mahabis is one of the fastest growing footwear and lifestyle brands in the world. The reason? We think it’s because they recognises the importance of downtime. And when combined with beautifully minimalist design, we feel it’s something to be celebrated.

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