JJ Apartment


One of the most fascinating aspects of design is that it is formed through contexts. Styles might have a common international label, but they can vary and transform endlessly based on many factors; one being the region from which the project originates.

Based in Valencia, Spain, the Mediterranean climate had sculpted Carlos Segarra Acquitectos’ new project to be a tranquil dwelling where warmth fills every corner. Sandy hues from earthen walls and wooden floor create a feeling of ease and comfort, and big openings behind sheer curtains bring in an essential lightness. Occasionally, accents of furniture breaks the continuous flow of monochromatic consistency. Like high notes in a symphony, these instances give the design subtle punctuations while still maintaining spatial coherency. When inspected closely, the details of geometrical lines are exquisitely sharp and crisp—much contrasting to the organic and textural interior surface. In that difference, one can see the heart of minimalism is present yet reconstructed by regional materials.

Without complexity, JJ Apartment can be understood as a residential space that serves a sole purpose: to communicate a homely feeling to the inhabitants and reciprocate it. Through this project, one can also have a deeper understanding of styles and their adaptability in different circumstances.

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