Johanna Gauder


Johanna Gauder’s Collection #2 is an assortment of delicate and purposed geometries. This latest collection sees an evolution of her brand as a fine jeweller designer; one that is also not without limits. Her materiality is also firmly based on the solidity of a classic and long-lasting nature. Each piece is made from both silver and gold. There is a clear lineage with a high demand on quality and technical precision amongst all of her work, and Collection #2 is by no means an exception. If anything, it is a celebration of that.

Based in Berlin, Gauder is both a Product Designer and Goldsmith. Her work is about combining her overall passion for considered, and ornate pieces, and a means of seeing her love of design and the process of making come together. All of her jewellery is hand made, individually based on orders, which is a detail that is ever so rare in our fast paced world of fast fashion, fast lives and the accessibility that abounds. The knowledge that each piece was made by the designer is also quite special. The words classic, minimal and effortless come to mind, and honestly, couldn’t be more fitting.

Photography courtesy of Franz Grünewald, Hair and Make-up by Anna Bartoschek and Model Luisa Moek, from Seeds Management.

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