111 Navy Chair


Coca-Cola wants to make it easier to recycle. So it makes perfect sense that they are turning bottles into chairs.

Coca-Cola and furniture manufacturer Emeco partnered to re-engineer the original aluminum Emeco Navy Chair and develop the 111 Navy Chair. The 111 Navy Chair, which is less than 13 pounds, is composed of 111 recycled plastic bottles. Not a bad PR move.

And apparently, Coca-Cola’s environmentally-friendly move requires three million plastic bottles recycled annually to develop Emeco’s chair. Learn what other designers, architects and creative professionals think about the 111 Chairs project.

Keep recycling the little plastic bottle as a resource for future use. Either way, it’s a good bet I’ll stick with water.

What can you build with 35 chairs? Ligne Roset’s Christmas tree includes 35 chairs of La Pliée by M-A Stiker-Metral. Whishing you all a very Merry Christmas.

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