Kaenjusai Watering Can

industrial design

We know minimalism is synonymous with Japanese design and elements of its culture, so it is no surprise that we celebrate many of its country’s designers. On this occasion, we pay homage to acclaimed designer Keita Suzuki, whose impressive portfolio ranges from soy sauce cruets to train interiors. In particular, it is Suzuki’s remarkably well-designed, minimal watering can that we find most striking.

Crafted from solid copper that is naturally antibacterial, and complimented by the walnut handle piece which adds a warm touch. Suzuki’s unique take on this common gardening tool features a matching angle between the handle and the spout, which allows for precision point-and-pour control. With its compact size and perfectly balanced form, the Kaenjusai Copper Watering Can, which can hold up to 800ml, is the perfect choice for delicate plants—both indoors and outdoors.

The Tokyo-based designer founded his studio Product Design Center in 2012, and has had an interest in Japanese antiques since his childhood, having developed the philosophy of ‘steady innovation’, by which product design is seen as part of a historical timeline of which he aims to continue through his work.

You can order the watering can through Ode to Things and apply a 15% discount code: minim15

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