Kendo 2

Garcia Tamjidi
Joe Fletcher Photography

To enter the sleek new offices of Kendo 2 is to enter into a luxe oasis of gold, leather, and pink. The invigorating interior design is a lot like the beauty brands Kendo represents: trendy, opulent, and bright. Kendo, a play on the words “can do”, describes themselves as an Innovative Beauty Brand Incubator and is responsible for some of the most popular brands in beauty today. Kendo’s new offices in San Francisco reflect the company’s commitment to extraordinary design, from make-up to storefronts to their own home base.

Kendo’s office was designed by Garcia Tamjidi, a multi-disciplinary design firm based in San Francisco. Principals Michael Garcia and Farid Tamjidi combine their expertise in architectural theory with state of the art technology to collaborate with their clients. Inspired by problems, needs, and desires, Garcia Tamjidi’s exceptional portfolio of work ranges from intimate dwellings to high rise buildings.

The interior of Kendo 2 features an abundance of gold finishes; gold references the luxury of the beauty brands Kendo represents. Gold accents the walls, cabinetry, and light fixtures. At the entrance to the space, Kendo’s logo is stamped in white against the backdrop of a luminous gold wall. The wall seems to glow from within, a smooth trick of the internal lighting. Thanks to the elegant feature lighting, the gold tone changes from matte to shimmering depending on where the light hits it. The effect is powerful: the user is constantly reminded of the connection to the luxurious world of the Kendo’s industry. Within the office, gold peaks out from underneath rows of sculptural light fixtures. The repeating pattern of circular pendants feels modern and fresh, unlike anything we have seen before. Like the light fixtures, every detail of Garcia Tamjidi’s design tells Kendo’s story as a leader in the beauty industry.

The walls of the interior offices and workrooms veer away from the opulent tones of gold and take a more playful approach. Blush tones provide a bright and inspiring work space, while moody greys create a comfortable atmosphere in the meeting rooms. Garcia Tamjidi brilliantly leans in to these colour trends: a beauty brand like Kendo needs to be up to date on the latest and greatest, and their offices reflect their attention on the current styles.

Bold artwork is used in select areas. A wall of lipsticks, or an edgy portrait, project information about Kendo’s brand while providing inspiration to those who work alongside the pieces. The furnishings are functional, yet possess the same chic elegance as the finishes. Soft leathers and plush seating abound, turning conference rooms and lobbies into fanciful lounge areas. The gold leather ottomans are a particular favourite.

Like their products, Kendo 2 is a sharp and unforgettable design. With a keen attention to detail and an eye for high style, Garcia Tamjidi tells their client’s story flawlessly.

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