Kinfolk Gallery


To create a comprehensive representation of a brand is a tricky ordeal, as it’s impossible to ignore the past accomplishments and identity that was laid out, but then it is important not to undermine the potential for evolution. As Kinfolk decided to reinvent their Copenhagen HQ, who better than Scandinavian design ambassadors Norm Architects. The multidisciplinary approach is a perfect fit for the new workspace housing the team of lifestyle curators, writers and photographers.

Kinfolk is known for their visual selection and their penchant for subdued writing in their coverage of home, work, style and culture. The minimalist sensibility is a staple alongside the protagonist colour palette, favouring pastel and restrained tones. With that in mind, a select variance of muted colours sets the mood and proves to be a perfect fit for the ample gallery, as well as in the smaller offices. The architects laid an interesting foundation for the interior design, as they avoid the starkness of black and white; a warm and alluring ambient comes forth. It is more akin to a charming living room than the formulaic office design. Which once again, bodes well as an expression of the brand.

The final Coup de Coeur to elevate this stimulating HQ are the bespoke design pieces soundly permeating each space: from the symmetric editorial room with oak-clad desks; to extremely nimble light elements rich in details — it’s a very straightforward motif, as the materials become leading players. From the wood, the brass and the small accessories carefully spread in a varied cast of locations, from the ceiling to a precise volume into the wall. It is a dynamic and restful combination, rare to find but very rewarding.

An elegant extension of the Kinfolk brand was gifted to its staff and lucky visitors. A true sensorial experience of what the magazine is all about, mastering the Scandinavian simplicity and precision.

Photography by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen.

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