VERK Watches Identity

graphic design

VERK is a Swedish watch brand with an artistic and minimalist approach to the development of modern watches for him and her, inspired by the Scandinavian design heritage. In fact, its name is translated to artwork or clockwork in Swedish.

With these characteristics as a company, VERK wanted to present suitable branding for itself to reflect their approach to design. They commissioned Studio Ahremark to create a strong visual identity and elegant packaging, with the main goal of creating a refined and coherent design to ultimately produce an exceptional customer experience. The studio explains:

The design solution for VERK is based on the idea that the product should be the centrepiece and the packaging shouldn’t be competing for attention, instead, they should blend together as if they were a part of the same object. In that sense, the packaging becomes the canvas and the watch becomes the painting.
Colours and printing techniques that resemble materials already found on the watch were used to create a design that complements the watch instead of competing with it.
The concept for this branding may be simple, but it’s also very clever and unobtrusive aided by the use of a soft grey colour palette and sharp typography, and provides a very elegant introduction to the VERK brand but also to the timepiece itself.

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