LSH Residence

Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia
Davidov Architects
Enceladus Studio
Hannah Nolan, Charlotte Swiden

A modern dwelling is hidden behind the walls of a Victorian age shop house in Melbourne, Australia. LSH Residence is nestled within the footprint of a wedge-shaped building which had been through countless modifications over the years. Davidov Architects were tasked with the extensive renovation project, with the goal of modernising and reorganising the small house.

LSH Residence is only 400 square metres in a unique wedge-shaped footprint. Furthermore, the structure was divided by many previous renovations, resulting in dark rooms and a disjointed floor plan. The main task was to redesign the floor plan to meet the needs of today's residents.

The plan is organised around a central skylight: not only does the skylight provide a spotlight for the main staircase to sit under, but it also imparts much needed natural light to the core of the home. Outside of the home's center, the ground floor features a great room with the kitchen, living and dining areas. A sunken reading nook completes the first level. In the back of the home, a garden brings a bit of the natural landscape to the city setting. The garden features a small reflective pool, perfect for a quiet moment outside or viewed from the adjacent reading nook inside.

Upstairs, the master suite looks out over the home's courtyard. Oversized windows add architectural interest to both the interior and exterior. The colours throughout are muted: tans and greys in a soft palette that evokes warmth and timelessness. Stonework, parquet flooring, and hardwood finishes honour the building's past life while still feeling perfectly at home in this modern home.

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