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Minimalism requires no ornamentation. Of course this is true, but some decorative elements can elevate an interior design (within reason). Kisu is the newest addition to the Eero Aarnio Originals collection, designed by Eero Aarnio himself in 2020. Kisu is a minimalist decorative piece of interior design suitable for both indoors and outdoors. This cat is made of polyethylene and available in two colours—black and white. The black Kisu is produced 100% of regenerated polyethylene made from the factory's own defected products and waste material.

Eero has always found cats charming. He has designed several dog figures and characters during his career and finally he decided it was time for the cat as well. The name Kisu was a natural choice for him as in his childhood, Kisumisu, was a common term of endearment for cats in the Aarnio family.

Mini KISU introduces the iconic shape of the Kisu cat in a ceramic material in two luxurious colours—gold and platinum. The golden KISU is a limited series of 1500 pieces sold only in the year of 2022 celebrating the 90th birthday of Eero.

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