graphic design

Rimowa is a designer, manufacturer, and retailer of high-quality luggage based in Cologne, Germany—characterised by a classic design and an iconic groove shell made of aluminium.

To celebrate its 120th anniversary, the company released a new identity, created by London-based Commission Studio and Munich-based Bureau Borsche, alongside the Rimowa’s in-house creative team. Commission Studio explains the project:

The new monogram is inspired by Rimowa's earliest branding from 1898, still present today outside the Cologne store. The two vertices within the mark are designed to reflect the iconic spires of Cologne Cathedral and are enveloped by the soft radius forms of a Rimowa case. The mark aims to serve as a reminder of the company's innovative manufacturing history and its strong connection to the city of Cologne.

The new logo uses a utilitarian and refined sans serif typeface, meanwhile the new colours—black, white, and cool grey—define a new modern look. A striking feature is the pattern based on its classical grooves, beautifully applied across the different printed items of the brand.

With this new identity, the brand aims to reflect its timeless and luxury products, as well as improving the entire brand experience with its customers, to reach a position as a market leader.

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