KROFT makes functional products that are intended to elevate the style of everyday living. The company was born out of the desire to make home products that subscribe to the “less but better” philosophy—thoughtful, quality pieces that stand the test of time. KROFT believes when you surround yourself with thoughtful design, everything just feels better. With several signature products and a growing product line, KROFT is on a mission to help people fall in love with their homes.

KROFT’s thoughtfully designed portfolio consists of several core products, all of which share a minimal aesthetic derived from a deep respect for quality raw materials and craftsmanship. Focusing on high quality materials shifts the narrative around common household products: rather than cover up for poor craftsmanship with superfluous details, KROFT’s products excel in minimal excellency. Most of KROFT’s products are designed with natural wood; although leather and metal are used for a good bit of detailing.

A Minimalissimo favourite withuin their range, and a perfect example of KROFT’s trademark design style, is the Leather Strap Shelf. Constructed using raw wood and light tan leather, the shelf hangs delicately against the wall, as much a statement in its own right as anything that sits atop it. The Magazine Rack is fashioned in a similar style: soft wood meets leather in a structure designed to show off one’s reading collection.

The Low Shelving Unit, another gorgeous design, is a versatile furniture piece. The modern yet classic design would work with a wide range of décor, and has been used as side table, nightstand, and storage unit in a child’s nursery. We’re obsessed with the smooth rounded legs and the way the shelves are effortlessly supported atop them.

The Peg Rail, one of several lovely storage accessories from KROFT, is based on a classic Scandinavian design. Form follows function in this elegant piece, yet it is the attention to details that really sets it apart. As with all of KROFT’s products, the construction is impeccable. Similar products such as the Valet Wall Hook and Hanging Clothes Rack polish off the accessories collection.

Everyday routines feel anything but ordinary with the right design, and this range of home products take functional design to the next level. We all want our home to inspire and delight us, luckily KROFT has a range of furniture and accessories to aid us in our lofty design goals.

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