Bunny Hill

graphic design

It's an interesting juxtaposition to instil a minimalist tone to something normally aligned with excessive colours and textures; after all, children's toys are about visual and tactile stimulation. Designer Pavel Emelyanov offers another direction creating a friendly atmosphere without compromising style for Bunny Hill.

The brand identity is as simple as can be, choosing the pictogram method to draw the rabbit-shaped logo; it's all about counterbalancing expectations of the usual products aimed at children. The branding sets the tone with a careful approach, as the line of products are made with raw wood, as well as simple lines and shapes. It is a clever approach, as the goods may attract adult audiences as well looking for a playful visual accessory as decor.

Scandinavian design is a wonderful starting point for explicitly minimalist projects, since simplicity and functionality are always the reference points. Bunny Hill is a welcome addition in Minimalissimo's roster of whimsical products for our readers.

Photography by Anatoly Vasiliev.

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