Matmut Atlantique Stadium


There could not have a better time to publish Matmut Atlantique Stadium, one of the base camps for UEFA EURO 2016, that is currently taking place in France, and where tomorrow one of the quarter-finals will be disputed; Germany versus Italy.

This magnificent 42,000-seat arena, designed by leading Swiss architecture firm Herzong & de Meuron, is located between a man-made lake and the Garonne river in north Bordeaux, hosting the home fixtures of FC Girondins de Bordeaux since it was inaugurated in May 2015.

Its roof, seemingly floating, is supported by 900 stanchions and was designed to resemble local Landes-pine posts, being its most singular characteristic. As a whole, the stadium stands out by being extraordinarily elegant and light, and we caught up with the architects, who explained:

The new Bordeaux stadium appears light and open; it is elegant, if such a term can be used for a building of this size. Its purity and geometrical clarity inspire a sense of monumentality and gracefulness. The grand stairs blur the boundaries between inside and outside and countless columns standing on the stairs accompany the visitors on their way in and out of the stadium. The fusion of stairs and columns forms a gesture of openness and accessibility. The diaphanous volume of the stadium opens up to the surrounding landscape. Its transparency reveals all the energy and activities that will transform this piece of land into a new and vibrant part of Bordeaux.

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