Shunyi House


Great architecture imprints great rhythm, similar to a dynamic screenplay. As the viewer encounters both familiar elements and surprising elements to make it interesting. For a minimalist projects, often it’s down to flawless execution and smart solutions. Located in Shunyi, a handsome villa offers both the classic elements and some interesting combinations to add some excitement to the storyline.

Beijing-based reMIX Studio did their homework carefully, catering the renovation of a villa for two screenwriters and their children. As they guarantee absolute variance in scale and light throughout, all contained inside a minimalist shell. It’s impossible to ignore the eclectic nature of the house, as the architects play with heights and shadow play to great effect in every room.  Moreover, the private area blends flawlessly with the outer landscape making for a unique experience.

The white colour stands as the perfect canvas for various activities, aesthetics and atmospheres housed inside the villa; especially when the main protagonists are a series of geometric aluminium louvers; serving as filters for sunlight. The visual effects resulting from such a manoeuvre is quite dynamic, since it guarantees different effects throughout the day and night. An exceptional feature to pull off in an austere project, especially when paired off with the undeniable presence of gardens inside and out. A gamble that paid off generously.

Shunyi House takes advantage of its minimalist stage with audacity; as ramps, balconies, mezzanines and low ceilings take on the double heights room for the attention of the viewer, without ever feeling harsh nor heavy. The dynamic nature of this project conveniently conveys the main occupation of its owners, as twists and turns are also found in their residence. This is worthy of analysis and close attention, as great stories do.

Photography by Xia Zhi.

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