Lake Rotsee Refuge


AFGH Architects is a Zurich-based architecture firm formed under Andreas Fuhrimann and Gabrielle Hächler in 1995. Known for their minimal usage in materials, AFGH has since then established a solid foundation for future projects.

Like a bird nest floating above the mirror-like water surface of Lake Rotsee in Switzerland, the 11-meter high lookout was recently completed as the first portion of  AFGH's winning proposal for the new Rotsee Rowing Club. With its functional time being only three weeks per year, this wooden structure was designed to be adaptive with time, with sliding and pivoting shades. They unify the exterior and interior when open, bringing in the views of the beautiful surroundings and out the cleanliness of the space. The entire design is rested on concrete pillars and connected to the inland with a timber dock. From the facades to the structures, everything weaves together harmoniously to form a beautiful cocoon that gives itself to nature every once in a while.

Even though the OSB wood interior might seem sterile now, there are many furnishes to be added in the near future. Afterwards, I believe that the relationship between the project and its context will flourish marvelously.

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