118 Wally Power

industrial design

The construction of the 118 Wally Power was completed ten years ago and its design still appears futuristic. It was designed by Luca Bassani and with its external lines he achieved an optical effect whereby judging the proportions of the yacht is quite challenging.

The final aerodynamic design was finished in the Manarello's wind tunnel, where Ferrari develops its Formula One cars, resulting in a narrow, angular and aggressive appearance with air intakes resembling the fighter jets.

In the cover it has a superstructure of glass and carbon fiber, making it impossible to see the interior, where there is three rooms in a loft-like space: the control panel, the dining room and the living room. Furthermore, it has three cabins for passengers, three more for the crew, bathrooms and the kitchen, all of which are designed in a great minimalist style.

The most I value in this design is that in spite of the years gone by, 118 Wally Power is absolutely contemporary and innovative.

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