Light Grain House


In Osaka, privacy is of the utmost importance due to the dense nature of the city housing. Light Grain House, designed by Yoshiaki Yamashita, has the goal of privacy in mind. The façade of the home is almost entirely opaque, broken occasionally by a perforated metal grate that brings light to the interior while adding detail to an otherwise clean façade. In this dwelling, the main living quarters are removed from the street level. The living room, dining room, and kitchen are located on the second level along with two small terraces. The bedrooms rest on the uppermost level. A bonus outdoor space is located on the roof, where the family can sunbathe high above their busy neighbourhood.

On the ground level, a courtyard is the perfect solution to bring the outdoors into the privacy of the home's walls. It also has the added benefit of being viewed from multiple rooms across the house, not just exterior facing rooms like with a backyard. Tatami mats rest in a traditional Japanese room, connecting the family with their heritage.

Nothing is superfluous in this quiet home. Every detail seamlessly combines function with aesthetics. The result is a lovely family home that is as practical as it is beautiful.

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