Jingyuan No. 22


Jingyuan No. 22 is a Beijing office nestled within an old cotton warehouse. C+ Architects designed the space for 100 people employed at an internet finance firm. The office is undoubtedly modern: interactive workstations, flexible spaces, and natural light are prominent features of this design.

The cotton warehouse renovation necessitated the addition of a second story. Built from steel, this structure creates several workspaces on two levels, all of which revolve around a central courtyard. All spaces in the office are free from opaque walls. The rooms either look at one another or down to the courtyard. A fair amount of skylights incorporate natural light into the various workspaces; a crucial element in achieving the sense of well-being intended by a thoughtful office design. A black box entry, complete with bike storage, enforces the transition into the creative and free-flowing workspace.

Key moments in the design set this office apart from most. A sunken workstation, grand OSB staircase, and a slide provide alternative collaboration spaces or a fun release from the daily grind. Today's office space is more than fixed workstations: the modern employee desires an environment to support collaboration and creative thought. Jingyuan No. 22 marries an artful design with functionality for a truly modern workspace.

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