Muji Kitchen Appliances

industrial design

We are delighted to introduce the latest work of one of our favourite designers, Tokyo-based Naoto Fukasawa, who has just designed an extremely beautiful and minimalistic collection of kitchen appliances, including a toaster and kettle for a brand Minimalissimo has come to love — Muji.

The toaster's aesthetic is wonderful and stands out by its round edges and its flat sides. Situated on one side is the temperature dial, the frozen function and a button to pop the toast up manually, meanwhile the tray for crumbs is hidden in the base.

The kettle, designed to be as easy as possible to hold and use, also stands out by its rounded shape and features a clever space to roll the electrical cable under the base. Fukasawa explains:

The closer an object gets to the human body, the easier it will be to adapt to if it has a softer, gentler form. Our job, you could say, is not to give forms to objects, but instead to determine their positions. If it's going to be installed near a wall or used while in a human hand — that's what's important.

Both of them have just launched at selected stores in the USA, and will be coming to the UK in November and to other European countries next year.

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