Little House Big Terrace


Takuro Yamamoto’s Little House Big Terrace epitomises minimalist living. The main driver through the design process was firmly on creating quality of space. The real emphasis being on creating quality external spaces that would also act as internal shelters, but allow for a illusion of a greater footprint. Situated in Tokyo, Japan and typical of the Japanese design spirit, this emphasis of purposed reference to quality over is captured. The idea that some internal spaces and rooms need to be entered by transitioning through intermittent external spaces is quite unique, and well executed.

Little House Big Terrace is calculatedly positioned on the site to maximise the natural daylight, for both the internal and external environments. For additional storage within the total 74 sqm floor space, an attic area was inserted between the first and second floors. Yamamoto’s intention to create a lucid example of having large external spaces in a small urban residence has been fittingly achieved here. With a sinuous oak flooring throughout, and beautifully finished in a seamless mortar lysine spray, the resulting form and quality of habitat is a great model of minimalist living.

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