Lumojo Honey

package design

Lumojo Honey is a gourmet honey brand from New Zealand that celebrates one of their gorgeous products through a fantastic brand and packaging design, in collaboration with Alt Group design agency.

Simple and minimalist, nothing has been left to chance and each element has been thoroughly and thoughtfully considered. Firstly, the typography, the precise labelling, and the packaging details, are inspired by the hexagonal shape of the honey panels.

Beyond the impeccably designed labelling, the beautiful and elegant custom-designed ceramic containers — a fitting vessel for nature’s liquid sunshine — have different glazes inspired by the floral origin of each honey, four distinctive flavours available in a classic 400g or a set of three mixed 40g taster jars.

We believe that the best honey deserves the best packaging and the best packaging deserves to live on beyond its initial purpose. This is why we chose to work closely with ceramic artists to craft our unique stoneware honey pots, vessels that act as a reminder of the great work of our bees, even after the honey has gone.

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