Sail Table


Sail is a table designed by Japanese studio and Minimalissimo favourite, Nendo, and can be defined as an absolute example of minimalism and conceptual design. The designers represent it is a table that seems as though its table top is floating because of the detailing of the legs passing through the centre of the holes in the table top. The protruding table legs resemble a mast which supports the sail of a boat. It conjures up a vision of a boat being drawn by the wind, and through this image the name sail was born.

The pure design and the materials create a connection that perfectly shows the form, details and the idea of the table. The functionality is silently hidden but clearly, makes it simple yet significant. The materials which are used—wood and metal—connect and create an exquisite example of a minimalist design that has both function and the conceptual part that is extremely necessary once it comes to designing furniture. I personally adore when the designers not only create a gorgeous design object but also use materials that are long lasting as well as when the object has a function in the simplest way possible.

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