The Medley Institute — Edition IX


Berlin based The Medley Institute's Edition IX subtly plays with the transformation of typical male and female elements. Welcoming the trend towards gender pluralism — as opposed to a binary perception – the designer Jana Patz closely surveyed the influence of womenswear on mens clothing over the last few seasons. New styles evolved and by transferring those back into her line — which was originally womens' jewelry only — she added a new and refined twist.

Each piece of the collection should stand for itself. Being stripped of any decorative aspects, they are meant to convey a modern approach towards jewellery.

This results in a clear and simultaneously brainy collection, even more minimalist than those before it. A square wire is the base for some of the more unisex open bracelets and rings. As The Medley Institute is always on the lookout for new ways to connect pieces to the body, pins have been added to this collection. They can be worn more like an accessory than as jewellery, providing an alluring contrast between the pieces themselves and the fabric they are worn with.

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