Maison Lagarde


Maison Lagarde is a family home in Montreal, Canada. Designed by la SHED architecture, this design provides a casual and comfortable dwelling without sacrificing style.

The design is a three-story townhouse with a traditional exterior. The bricks were painted to update the façade and oversized windows were added. The interior is a bright, airy space with white walls accented by the black-framed windows. Polished concrete floors provide a sleek and stylish canvas for the lighter elements of the design. Light coloured wood is featured in the stair trends as well as the furnishings. This simple touch adds a bit of nature to the home while tying together the various rooms. All of the furniture is perfectly integrated into the space, allowing the design an effortless feel.

The kitchen, clearly the heart of this home, is stunning. A wall of white cabinetry stretches along one side of the room with the fridge and stovetop expertly tucked in for a clean look. A black island contrasts beautifully with all the white finishes. The entire room is illuminated by a wall of windows overlooking the home's small garden.

Maison Lagarde proves that minimal does not need to be sterile: this home is the perfect landing spot for small family. The impeccable design is just a bonus.

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