Masseria Moroseta


A white stone-clad farmhouse sits atop the city of Ostuni, in Italy; right in the middle of a field of olive trees. Architect Andrew Trotter was commissioned to bring forth an enticing mixture of traditional tropes with a minimalist sensibility for the boutique hotel Masseria Moroseta.

To take over a traditional setting is a complicated matter, as each element carries a strong symbolic weight throughout the years. How does one update or even combine it with a contemporary aesthetic? This is where minimalism comes trough as a solution. The lightness instilled from the white colour, alongside the purposeful openness for each room is key to update the farmhouse.

The small hotel offers six rooms—a true intimate experience. The central patio is a feature in itself, housing a beautiful garden with a true mediterranean feel. The flora is a perfect representation of the province of Brindisi; as is the stone floors. The materials play their part, as this rural abode thrives on simplicity and peacefulness.

Blessed with trees up to 500 years old in the surrounding five hectares, Masseria Moroseta perfectly nailed the dialogue between history and the right kind of minimalism.

Photography by Salva López.

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