Melitta Baumeister SS17


Melitta Baumeister's work appears regularly on Minimalissimo. And whoever had a closer look at her work knows why: It is bold, it is clear, it is idiosyncratic and minimalist at the same time. The designer challenges perceptions of fashion and beauty. She comes from an idea of displaying a form of strength that still needs and deserves protection.

This in itself is already an amazing achievement. But another reason why it is worth covering every single one of her collections is this: She evolves constantly. Every collection challenges the previous work without abandoning her very personal style.

Spring/Summer 2017 is another big step in her journey as an artist and fashion designer. The silhouettes are more approachable than before but the appearance is still stark and strong. Though her designs are much more easily marketable this way she still insists in a kind of non-branding for most outfits, conveying a justified confidence in the recognition value of her fashion. In the few pieces which she chooses to brand, it is done in such an obvious and over the top manner that it should be a dealbreaker, but, surprisingly, it’s not. Because in these pieces Melitta goes back to the very origin of her international recognition, the perfect display of her work: Her tumblr blog. So if you find her name or any kind of print on her designs, it seems like those are simply screenshots from that very blog. Which is a smart and radical way to twist the idea of branding altogether. Another promising step which already makes me long for the next collection.

Photography by Paul Jung.

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