Spacial Drawings

art & illustration

Like Karen Schifano and Brent Hallard, Australian non-objective artist Margaret Roberts makes great use of tape in her installation work. Roberts is currently a lecturer in drawing at the National Art School in Sydney, and calls her installation works 'spacial drawings'. Apart from tape, Roberts also uses acrylic and string in an attempt to interact with the environments she installs her work, in a highly restrained and minimal fashion.

While her work may look a little bit random, it is often based on precise measurements of existing structures that are in the same space. For example, with Artefact at Cockatoo Island, Roberts measured the space of 6 permanent mounted walls for works to be hung on, and represented that space in a different form: a piece of red wool that travels along the ground, and up and down from the ceiling. Her choice of red wool in the installation is striking in that it fades almost completely into the background. Of this work, Roberts says:

It is also a free standing sculpture outlined in yarn and supported by the floor and roof. It has a chameleon-like identity with the buildings, because, despite its scale, it is nearly invisible.

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