Melt Coffee Table

Oito Studio

Oito Studio’s Melt Coffee Table is a play on balance and a questioning of absolute necessity. The design of this beautifully engineered and crafted piece is born from a play on stripping back all elements to the minimum. Crafted from aluminium, the materiality also matches the lightness and transportability of its inception. The table is made from only five pieces, with one main leg element, which is fastened to the tabletop, all coming together in an arc form. Oito’s belief that all products need to offer a sense of uniqueness and tap into the human ideology, is a thoughtful notion in itself.

Based in Kiev, Ukraine, the studio is heavily future oriented and is primarily an incubator of industrial design items. The beauty of this piece is in the simplicity of form, materiality, and construction. In order to bring each of the five kit elements together, to make this piece whole, is through manually clamping 2 screws; resulting in clarity on all levels. Although currently only a prototype concept, the Melt table is a vision that is waiting to be brought to life, and to the masses. From a place of imagination, a sense of combining the forces of technology, innovation, and aesthetic, beautiful things can be made.

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