Yo Magazine Rack

I have recently been admiring the work of Italian industrial designer Marco Guazzini, who has made it his life's work to create a selection of designs that provoke an uplifting mood through a simplistic approach. Originally from the beautiful city of Florence, Guazzini now lives and works in Milan developing a hugely impressive portfolio of furniture, lighting and household accessories.

One particular design caught my eye, however. That is Yo. A beautifully simple magazine rack made completely of lime stone. A sculptural object which appears as a "Y" letter with a hole in the centre. The magazines find their place between the two side wings, sitting at 90 degree angles, and rolled up into the hole, which provides a physical and visual lightness to the piece. The name "Yo" is derived from its iconic shape, and takes inspiration from the typical verbal expression.

Produced by Italian stone manufacturer Pimar, Yo is a design I particularly enjoy because of the contrast of function and sculptural elements, which in fact can be found in many of Guazzini's works.

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